Monday, February 13, 2006


If you think you’re going to toss the missus a box of Nutties to keep her quiet this Valentine’s day, you can forget that shit, according to this, we want a surprise island holiday, thank you very much. Only six percent thought a bunch of flowers was appropriate, and four percent of us were happy with a card. One staggering finding was that (choke) only two percent opted for a pair of diamond earrings!

It seems the Valentine’s day ante has been upped to ridiculous proportions, no wonder so many people are anti-valentine. Watch the movies, buy the T-shirt, send the e-cardand the rest of the crap. To get you in the mood, go and look at the art at Fuckvday. If you absolutely have to fork over some something in a box and you want to make a statement, get some of these Bittersweets.

If you’re having an affair it’s even worse for you, because it’s the one day of the year when everyone is expected to do something romantic for their partner, singular or plural. It’s a particularly busy time for private investigators who know their mark has to make contact with his/her illicit sweetie, and all they have to do is ensure they are around to record the evidence. Don’t ever book a business trip over that period, it’s dead suspicious, and remember, the more expensive the present, the more serious the relationship, so watch those credit card slips.

Be careful out there all you hopeless romantics, as the wag said “you can cheat on your wife, but don’t ever cheat on your mistress”.

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