Saturday, August 27, 2005


Michael "Destroyer" Heffels from Holland, (Holland) who tore up the stage at the 10th Annual World Air Guitar Championships held last night in Oulu Finland and walked away with a guitar an amplifier and worldwide fame and glory. My fave Giesela "Gizzy Guitar" Visser from New Zealand got pipped to the post by .2 of a point. Just heard she hosts a music show in Auckland called "Springbok Rock". The tenacious Dan Crane came eighth, and the fabulous rock chicks held their own in a strong field, Heidi Leitner was fifth, defending champion Miri Park seventh and Katherina Tomaschek from Germany twelfth.

You can see the full list here

That’s it for another year folks, but keep practicing, arrangements for next year are in full windmill arm mode.

Air guitar ideology

“All wars would end and every bad thing would disappear if all the people in the world played air guitar

A person playing air guitar cannot simultaneously be up to any mischief

After playing air guitar, mischief just does not seem like such a good idea anymore “

Friday 26 August


More finalists for tonight's World Air Guitar Championships, Tremelo Theun won the Netherlands leg of the championship and Johnny van Halen will represent the UAE (that’s right United Arab Emirates).

Here’s a cute picture from the Air Guitar Norway site, and you can look into France, Japan and Austria.

On Thursday night, wild card competitors battled it out for six spots at the final, one of the winners was Dan ”Bj√∂rn Turoque” Crane, who was knocked out in the US round, but persisted all the way to Oulu to give it one last shot. You go broer, although I'm rooting for New Zealand's Visser, who is not only a rock chick which garners huge respect from me, but since a large proportion of South Africa lives in New Zealand, who knows, she might be the first sort of South African air guitar champion.

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