Sunday, January 08, 2006


It’s that time of year when the lists of Best and Worst come out. I'm more interested in the dreadful stuff, the cringe-worthy moments of deluded movie stars, the horrible songs endlessly repeated on the radio, the putrid movies that not only made it through the production process, but got foisted on the long-suffering viewing public.

Here are this year’s misguided moments in music and the most annoying pop songs of 2005.

Those wacky celebrities! Vote for the most toe-curling celebrity gaffe or scoff at their taste. Gwen Gill's SA worst and the winner is .... Amor's Jerry Springer style.

Style had something to say about Madonna’s disco reincarnation, ew are we really going to wear Farrah Fawcett hair another time around?

Everyone’s got an opinion on the Worst movies, here’s Dark Horizons, The Bombs Tomatometer List, The Stinkers and Ruthless Reviews Worst of 2005.

Although words are cheap, they hang around for an awful long time, here’s some of 2005’s memorable quotes.

Books, cars, gadgets and so you know what not to buy next year, here’s the Worst Christmas Gifts of 2005.