Sunday, October 02, 2005


This is going just a bit too far, Dr Dre is producing a hip hop album for Burt Bacharach, hello, have I fallen asleep and woken up in some strange parallel universe? Is it the year for wrinkly old crooners to slip on the bling, drop their trousers so their crack shows, and try and rediscover some of that long lost street cred? If anyone can do it, Dr Dre can, and Elvis Costello is also involved, but I just don’t see how it’s going to fly. I’m just thinking “Raindrops are Falling on my Fucking Head, Y’all”. I’m all for collaborations, serendipity and all that, but who’s next? 50 Cent does Neil Diamond? Eminem does Barbara Streisand, oops no, she’s just done it with Andy Gibb again.

Tom Cruise got pranked.

More on Guy’s movie. The Daily Mirror said “Sweet Jesus it’s bad. Lordy mama, it’s terrible. By all things in heaven and on earth it stinks.” The missus isn’t doing too badly herself, her last album was a worst seller, and now this.

I’ve said it before, I say it again, those nannies are more trouble than they’re worth.

Caspar Greeff gets within whiffing distance of David Beckham.

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